Welcome to The Orange Groves

The Orange Groves Podcast Network is a donation supported podcast network with the goal to host and support smaller creators and lift up marginalized voices, as well as foster a community where creators can help and learn from each other.

Our Programs - Our Voices

It is our goal to host the kind of programs that are underrepresented in media – voices who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise to be heard. Hosting programs by marginalized creators allows listeners to hear themselves represented in the shows they listen to. The Orange Groves has a focus on housing podcasts from new voices and creators that have stories to tell about who they are or how media affects and represents them.

How to Support The Orange Groves

The Oranges Groves Podcast Network is primarily supported by Patreon by monthly pledges. By supporting TOG on Patreon you get access to exclusive material including audio cut from episodes across the network, test pilots, and other bonus episodes and short run shows. Profits from limited run merchandise sold through the TOG store also go back into supporting these programs and creators. All funds go toward hosting, artwork, music, and supporting the hosts’ other costs. Future goals for the network include providing transcriptions for podcasts.

Episode #45

Famed Internet User KEN joins Champs to discuss no mimes with Jo, Jory, Chris, and Felix Champs in the Making started on The Orange Groves Podcast Network's Patreon as a show where TOG...

Podcast Update 2: This Time It’s Casey

Rayne & Casey record in person! Casey has news, Casey’s Dad has an eyepatch, Audacity took a nap, and Rayne’s mental health is normal CW: Eyeball talk Join our discussions in the...

NEO: The World Ends With You #12 – Week 2, Day 4

So zetta legendary Support Got it Memorized on Patreon and receive early episodes, monthly bonus episodes, and more! Join our Discord server here! Twitter + E-mail: @memorizecast...

8: Navigate

We're BACK! We NAVIGATEd our way by starlight to you, dear listeners, and here we are. Listen to this too-electronic jam and enjoy! ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: Wizard Night School I WANT TO...

S06E10 – BEASTARS II – Fight Club Meets Family Guy

Episode Notes http://twitter.com/okashinapodcast http://patreon.com/theorangegroves http://ko-fi.com/okashinapodcast http://youtube.com/channel/UCVU5lox6UHE9zTazQXaNTpg Send us your...

Episode 71: Bellamy Bounces for 6 Hours

I hate it here This episode came out early for our Patrons! Thank you for supporting on Patreon! We Are! On Twitter: @wearewatchingOP @noimjory @ghostofjo