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294 Note Streak

Riley and Jo use a bracket to determine the greatest song in Guitar Hero

(This program ended Dec 12th, 2019)

SHOW SWAP: 294 Ship Streak #3 w/ Riley & Jay

294 Ship Streak is a showswap Star Wars bracket podcast where we put 64 star wars ships up against each other! Riley sits down with past, current, and potential future players of If Not Us, Then Who AP to turn ships into scrap and cut their way through Corellian Engineering.

In Episode 3, we sit down with Jay of the Marmoset Chronicles (and maybe one day more?) to put the favorites through their paces and finish the bracket!

Check out the full SHOW SWAP lineup here:

Bed, Bath, and Bionicle

A Bionicle lore podcast that was revived and turned into ARG and audio drama… #BBNB

(This program ended Jan 29th, 2020)


A Kingdom Hearts inspired crossover actual play podcast playing Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined.
(This program ended Aug 9th, 2019)

Authority: VREmix

To celebrate and shill the new book coming from the team behind Very Random Encounters Podcast (which includes Wheels and Logan), the S2 cast got together to run a campaign using the book of random encounters!

You can find the book at

Season 2’s music is by Walmaster from their Phantom EP.

Buy Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined, Riley’s now finished Kingdom Hearts inspired Powered by the Apocalypse table-top RPG at Linksmith Games.

Discuss the season with other listeners in the Got it Memorized Discord or The Orange Groves Discord, or tweet about the show using #InterstitialAP

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The Marmoset Chronicles

You already know about The Marmoset Chronicles, the 8-movie saga by reclusive visionary director Laz Patillo. You already know how it became a cultural touchstone from 1970 to 1986, affecting everything in its wake. So why another podcast on it? This show is simply a personal retrospective; a discussion of why we (hosts Kirsten and Jay) love these movies so dearly and what they’ve meant to us growing up through today.

(This program ended July 31st, 2020)

Sugar We're Goin Down Podcasting

Sugar, We’re Goin Down Podcasting is a weekly show where two Fall Out Boy fans, Jo and Caitlin tackle a random song from the band’s expansive discography and discuss its merits musically, lyrically, and how it makes them feel listening to it.

(This program ended July 4th, 2020)


Andrew’s stuck in some sort of purgatory and has to read the Wikipedia Pages for all of the movies he was too spooked to watch in the real world.
this podcast is currently not updating